Land of Epirus

Epirus is one Greece’s nine geographical regions, situated in the country’s north-west. It is a morphologically diverse region that combines mountainous terrains with coastal plains. To the East, the impressive mass of the Pindus mountain-range forms a natural boundary from the neighboring regions. To the West, the Ionian Sea caresses the region’s coasts, forming beautiful coves and beaches. Epirus is blessed with amazing nature and spectacular views and also has a plethora of archaeological sites, historical monuments and picturesque villages that make it popular to tourists, both from other parts of Greece and from abroad. It is also well known for its exceptional flora, found in its most remote mountainous areas.

The region’s climate is as diverse as its terrain: mainly Mediterranean in the coastal areas, with harsh winters and hot summers inland and high in the mountains, where rainfall and snowfall are commonplace during the winter months. It is here, on steep slopes and in hard-to-reach valleys that most of the rare plants that are indigenous to Epirus grow.

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