EPIRUS S.A. was once again present at the International Cheese Awards 2016, this time receiving a significant distinction for its latest breakthrough product: EPIROS PDO Feta 40% Less Salt was named as one of the best new dairy products currently on the UK market while also winning the bronze award in the "Cheese with Health Benefits" category.

These two significant distinctions for the new EPIROS PDO Feta 40% Less Salt are proof that the company's extensive know-how, investment in technology and state-of-the-art production plant, combined with the inspiration, drive and dedication of its people, can only lead to top quality products of excellent nutritional value that justly win over consumers in Greece and abroad.

EPIROS PDO Feta 40% Less Salt is produced 100% naturally from a blend of sheep's and goat's milk meeting all the quality, production and taste criteria that make it a PDO cheese.

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