Having invested almost three years in R&D, EPIRUS has now launched its most recent innovation, PDO Feta that has a 40% lower salt-content than regular feta cheese, while retaining its authentic, full taste and an exceptional aftertaste.

New, reduced-salt EPIRUS Feta was first launched to an international audience at the ANUGA Food Fair, where it received a very warm welcome; it has been on the Greek market since November of last year where its market share –in the pre-packed cheese category- has soared to 3.8% in just 4 months (IRI, Feb. 2016).

EPIRUS PDO Feta 40% Less Salt is produced 100% naturally and contains 0.4gr of salt per 30gr of cheese; this content remains stable throughout the product's lifecycle, from production date to consume-by date.

Exports have already begun; EPIRUS Reduced-Salt POD Feta is now available in the UK, German, US and Australian marketplace.

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