For the 7th consecutive year “Gastronomos”, Greece’s leading “foodie” magazine, held its annual Quality Awards that are awarded to the best Greek products and their manufacturers/producers. 
“Epioros” feta cheese, the No1 packaged Greek feta cheese (PDO) in terms of sales, received the “Alexandros Giotis” Award, for its consistent effort to remain a traditional product without any compromise to quality and hygiene standards and to support local dairy farms, in the vicinity of the EPIROS plant. 
Upon receiving the award, Pantelis Panteliadis, the owner of EPIRUS S.A. that produces EPIROS feta cheese as well as other cheeses under the EPIROS brand, very characteristically said: “I have been expecting this award. Our feta is like Greek scientists: first they build a successful career abroad, then they get recognized in Greece”.
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