€4.2Μ in 2014 – over €20Μ in the last five years
In the midst of a difficult period for the Greek economy, EPIRUS S.A. remains focused on its growth, continuing the implementation of an investment plan that, in the last five years, called for funds in excess of €20M.
In 2014 alone, EPIRUS will spend €4.2Μ installing a new production line, dedicated to traditional, hard cheeses,  at its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Arta, Greece.
The installation of the new unit marks the completion of a six-year plan for the renovation of all of EPIRUS’ production lines with emphasis on specific goals and criteria:
  • Optimal health & safety of products
  • Ensuring the consistently high quality of its products
  • Remaining faithful  to traditional cheese-making methods and seamlessly incorporating them into the contemporary production process as we are aware of the contribution of the local cheese-makers’  knowledge, experience and special recipes to the unique character of each and every one of our cheeses
  • Environmentally friendly production methods that minimize water and energy consumption as well as industrial waste
Referring to EPIRUS’ investment philosophy, Mr. Vaggelis Pappas, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, commented “Continuous, rational and carefully planned growth has always been the main ingredient of our business culture. This is the reason why for the last few years we have been investing all our profits back to the company, constantly improving our infrastructure, product quality and variety. This strategy has allowed us to reinforce our leading position in the Greek market and to create the right conditions for a successful presence in the big markets abroad  - for example the U.S.A., the U.K., Italy, Canada and Australia”.
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