Another International Distinction for EPIROS Feta

Our very own Feta, EPIROS "The Original Feta", won an important award, for the second year running, at the prestigious International Cheese Awards that take place in Nantwich, UK.

Last year we won the Gold Award in the “Feta” category. This year EPIROS Feta went further to participate in a broader category, along with several, different Greek cheeses; it won the title of “Best Greek Cheese” in the world!

The International Cheese Awards are among the oldest and most respected awards on an international level. With a history of 114

years, the awards rely on acclaimed judges and food industry professionals for their credibility; they take place annually during the Nantwich Agricultural Show in the UK.

The award has brought us joy and honor ; most importantly though, added to our consumers’ continuing preference, it inspires us to work even harder in order to keep producing cheese with unparalleled taste and superior quality.

Congratulations are due to every member of the EPIRUS S.A. family. Also, a big “thank you” to every single one of our partners who, on a daily basis, do all that is necessary for the best Greek cheese to reach the consumer’s table!

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